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Name:Jean Grey
Birthdate:Apr 14

Jean Grey was born to Dr. John Grey and Elaine Grey. She had an older sister named Sara Grey and they lived in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York where Dr. Grey worked as a history professor at Bard College. Her father, mother and sister were all humans but Jean turned out to be a mutant.

Jean's mutant psionic powers first manifested at the age of ten when they were prematurely triggered when her best friend, Annie Richardson, was hit by a car. As Annie lay dying, Jean instinctively linked to her mind and the trauma of experiencing her friend's death nearly killed Jean as well. The incident left Jean in a coma.

For three years, her parents sought the expertise of specialists to rouse Jean out of her catatonic state but only one, Professor Charles Xavier, was able to help. Professor Xavier would use young Jean's mind to calibrate his cerebro machine. One day while they were training on the astral plane, Jean was able to sense a presence that Xavier was not able to detect. An aspect of Jean's subconscious mind manifesting as the Phoenix in the form of young Jean in a golden glow with a phoenix raptor effect reached out to this presence and briefly touched the mind of young Scott Summers who was then living in an orphanage (Classic X-Men #42 backstory). Xavier realized that Jean's young mind could not cope with her telepathy yet so he decided to mentally block her access to this ability, allowing it to evolve at the natural pace it would have save for Annie's tragic death. Even though Jean continued living with her parents until she was a teenager, she had many training sessions with Xavier. Jean Grey would develop her power of telekinesis at the age of thirteen.

When she became a teenager, she left her parents and began attending Xavier's "School for Gifted Youngsters" and joined the X-Men under the name of Marvel Girl. She was the only female founding member of the team. Although it had been stated early on that Jean could only use her telekinesis to lift an equivalent weight to what she could lift physically, Jean was shown levitating the Beast and guiding streaming missiles into the bay in her very first mission.


Jean and Scott both had a crush on each other, but neither were aware of the other's feelings. Cyclops was afraid to get close to anyone, lest his powers hurt that person. He also felt that he was no match for Warren, aka Angel, whom he thought Jean was dating at the time. Jean once had a date with Warren, but insisted on taking Scott along which confused and frustrated both men.

Jean eventually left the school to enlist in Metro College where Johnny Storm, the Human Torch also attended. She would continue to assist the X-Men on a regular basis, but did not continue living at the X-Mansion. The theme of her seeking tertiary education would provide a number of later X-Men subplots. Jean would later design new uniforms for the team.

Warren decided that Jean was not actually interested in him and started a relationship with his old friend Candace "Candy" Southern. Jean and Scott later admitted they were in love with each other and started dating openly.

Jean also feels drawn to Logan, who is in love with her, but Logan's feelings are unrequited. They now share a deep friendship.

Ultimately, Scott seems to be the love of Jean's life.

Leave of Absence

Requiring seclusion while he prepared to deal with a forthcoming invasion of Earth by the alien Z'nox, Xavier had the mutant Changeling impersonate him in order to supervise the X-Men in Xavier's absence, telling only Jean of his plan and swearing her to secrecy. However, the Changeling, as Xavier, died heroically in action and Xavier felt obliged to continue the pretense of his death.

Fred Duncan, the X-Men's FBI liaison, considered the united team to present an easy target for "the ever-growing population of evil mutants" and felt the X-Men would be more effective acting as individuals and spread across the United States. At the same time, Professor X's will confirmed that his estate would serve as a charitable trust with each of the five active X-Men a trustee, to ensure that they would need to stay in contact with each other. Jean and Scott remained in New York while Hank and Bobby relocated to California. Warren remained mobile across the United States. The X-Men would later reunite.

Jean later completed her college education and found employment as a model. Her first assignments were swimsuit presentations. At this time, Jean was introduced to Lorna Dane (Polaris) and they soon became friends. Jean was also introduced to Alexander "Alex" Summers, Scott's younger brother, who was just graduating from college. He would soon serve with the X-Men as Havok. Lorna and Alex also began to date.

Xavier was later revealed to the others to be alive, as he helped them defeat the Z'Nox.

Later the Fantastic Four would team up with the X-Men to have a final encounter with the Z'Nox hoping to eliminate their bid for the Earth. While flying in space Jean Grey had a brief subsconscious encounter with the Phoenix.

Many months later, after Xavier had recruited a new team of X-Men to help save the others from Krakoa, most senior members left as did Jean, who involuntarily found herself attracted to new member Wolverine. Cyclops, however, refused to leave the X-Men or rather found that he simply couldn't once again feeling that because of his power, he would never be able to actually lead a normal life for fear of hurting someone. He genuinely felt that the X-Men team was the only place he really belonged, which upset Jean. She still remained in contact with the X-Men and became best friends with the new teammate Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm.


Later while meeting with Scott, Jean was abducted by Sentinels along with Wolverine and Banshee. They were taken to a space station in orbit around Earth. The other X-Men later came and rescued the three from the Sentinels.

During the destruction of the space station, the X-men and some astronauts managed to take a shuttle in order to escape. The shuttle was damaged breaking away from the space station. It left it largely unshielded except for the interior of a space probe in the shuttle's cargo bay during one of the worst solar storms in history. A decision was made that someone would have to stay at the controls and pilot the ship. Knowing nobody else had a chance of surviving long enough to pilot the ship to safety, Jean used her telepathy to absorb Dr. Peter Corbeau's piloting knowledge, and planned to use her telekinetic shield to screen out the radiation as she piloted the ship back to Earth. Cyclops attempted to stop her and she used a mental bolt to stun him. Wolverine took the unconscious Cyclops after one last look at the woman he has come to care for and joined the others in the probe. Jean valiantly piloted the ship until her telekinetic shields started to give way under the onslaught of the intense radiation. Jean would have died were it not for being reborn as the Phoenix.

The strain of holding the solar radiation at bay with her powers had destroyed the psychic shields Xavier had placed in her mind as a child. In order to save the lives of her friends, her beloved Scott, and herself Jean "achieved her full potential as a psi, becoming briefly a being of pure thought before reforming herself as the Phoenix". The shuttle crashed into Jamaica Bay. Jean seemingly emerged from its remnants, imbued with vast cosmic powers announcing, "I am Phoenix." It was later revealed that Jean's original body was actually placed into a healing cocoon in the depths of Jamaica Bay and the Phoenix force helped Jean psionically clone a new body using her genetic template, and then transferred almost all of Jean's mind and soul (save for a few fragments of her spirit which refused to leave Jean's original body) into the cosmically created clone's body. It was the stubborn soul fragments which prompted Phoenix to place her old body in the healing cocoon, as she could not bear to extuinguish their spark (and it was a very good thing she did, or her story would be much shorter). Since the Phoenix Force replicated Jean's body so perfectly (and because Phoenix had transferred Jean's mind and soul to her new body), not even Professor X could detect the difference between Jean and the Phoenix. As Phoenix, Jean's psi-powers became stronger and stronger, "backed by the power of the Sun itself". She began to manifest a fiery bird-shaped energy aura whenever she used her powers to their fullest extent.

The Phoenix continued her relationship with Cyclops. Phoenix was able to display her awesome power when the evil emperor D'Ken of the Shi'ar threatened to destroy the Universe using the M'Krann crystal. After powering a stargate and transporting her teammates into space, Phoenix was able to heal the fantastically powerful M'Krann crystal as she felt somehow connected to it. She later lost control of her powers and became the Dark Phoenix, attacking her friends and teammates, and destroying the D'Bari star after being manipulated by Mastermind. Jean was able to regain her sanity long enough to commit suicide in the Blue Area of the Moon rather than risk becoming the Dark Phoenix again and killing anyone else. The "Dark Phoenix Saga", the lengthy story of the decline and fall of Phoenix, by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, is regarded as one of the best comics stories of all time.

After killing herself on the moon, Jean Grey would wake up in the Afterlife (later, continuity would re-name it the White Hot Room.) Jean found herself on top of a tower floating in a space-like realm wearing a white version of her Dark Phoenix outfit. She was greeted by Death in the form of a Cosmic Construction Worker. Death allowed Jean to build onto his tower. Jean discovered that she was building the towers for her victims as Dark Phoenix and was made to relive the deaths of the D'Bari. Death explained to Jean that it was her destiny to become Phoenix. Jean is an avatar of the Phoenix due to her spirit being "most closely carved from it." Jean questions why didn't the Phoenix leave her when all was said and done. Death tells her that she is where the Phoenix came from. Death says that she wasn't far wrong when she thought it was a figment of her imagination. The Phoenix, he tells her, is the sum and substance of all that lives and is not a being nor an entity but only a force. Death tells Jean Grey that her "unique ability" is to be the one to wield the power. He tells her that it belongs to her in the same fashion that the sword Excalibur belonged to King Arthur and that it would come to her children. In the end, Jean Grey is sent back to life and her soul is returned to her original body in the cocoon (which is almost fully healed), but the fragment of Jean's soul that remained in her original radiation-poisoned body rejected the memories of the Dark Phoenix, so those memories were accidently transferred to the Madelyne Pryor clone. For now, Death says, she will not remember what she has learned.

Grey's survival was revealed when the original X-Men formed X-Factor. The Avengers had detected unusual energy readings at the bottom of Jamaica Bay. They sent Prince Namor, The Sub Mariner to investigate. He found a strange pod lying on the bottom of the bay. The Avengers sent the pod to the lab of Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four. During Richard's analysis, the pod cracked open and Jean emerged. Jean, seeing differences between the members of the Fantastic Four she knew versus the ones before her, attacked them, not knowing that several years had passed. They eventually convinced Jean to calm down. Jean had no memories from the time she flew the shuttle until she hatched from the cocoon. Unfortunately, due to the technology Reed used to hatch her, she was now without her telepathy, but as a side-effect, the power of her telekenesis had increased dramatically. Also, a large portion of Jean's Phoenix powers had left her while she was healing, and merged with Jean's future daughter Rachel Summers, who had assumed the mantle of Phoenix in Jean's absence. Jean would later go to her home and touch a Holoempathic crystal that the Shi'ar had made and given to her parents after Dark Phoenix died. Once Jean touched the crystal, she relived the experience between her and the Phoenix on the shuttle. The former members of the X-Men were contacted and she reunited with most of them.
Cyclops, in the meantime, had moved to Alaska to be near his grandparents and met a pilot who looked exactly like Jean. The woman's name was Madelyne Pryor. They later married and had a son, Christopher Nathan. When Scott heard Jean was alive, he left Pryor to find out if it was true. Cyclops then joined Jean and the other founding members of the X-Men to create a new team X-Factor. He called Madelyne to try to persuade her and their son to come to New York. When he received no answer, he assumed that his wife had left him.

In truth, Madelyne and their son had been kidnapped by the villain, Mr. Sinister. It is revealed that Mr. Sinister had created Madelyne from the DNA of Jean Grey. His clone was perfect except that she did not become conscious until the Phoenix's death on the moon sparked the clone's mind. Mr. Sinister then named her Madelyne Pryor because she had a prior existence as Jean Grey. His reason for creating her was so that she and Cyclops would have a child together. His plan was then to take the child and he would have a genetically superior mutant.

With her purpose fulfilled, he turned Madelyne over to his minions the Marauders to dispose of. She was then rescued by the X-Men and joined them where she was presumeably killed in Dallas defeating the Adversary. Roma, the celestial guardian, resurrected Madelyne and the X-Men. Wanting to rescue her son from Mr. Sinister, Madelyne made a pact with the demons S'ym and later N'astirh from Limbo. The goblins used her despair to make her the Goblin Queen. Because of her deep mental depresson from before, the transformation drove her over the edge. Deciding to use her newly recovered son, Madelyne attempted to sacrifice him in a ritual that would bring the demons of Limbo into our reality and thus bring about a permanent Inferno. The joined forces of the X-Men and X-Factor fought the Goblin Queen. Madelyne died in a climactic battle with Jean after she, becoming suicidal upon the discovery of her being a clone, linked their minds together and killed herself hoping the link would kill Jean as well. Fortunately it didn't, as the small amount of the Phoenix Force that Jean still retained awoke, and helped her separate from Madelyne; but Jean gained all the memories of Madelyne and the Dark Phoenix. Jean exclaimed that they were already a part of her, they are one and later mentioned that Madelyne and Dark Phoenix were extensions of herself. Later, Jean expelled the personas of Madelyne and Dark Phoenix but kept the residual memories.

As a result, Cyclops and Grey were able to resume their relationship and eventually married. During their honeymoon, they were taken into the future to raise the baby Cable during the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix miniseries. Shortly after returning, she resumed using the name Phoenix as an attempt to redeem both the entity and herself in her mind and also to honor her daughter Rachel, who at the time was believed to be dead, but in reality had been flung into the future, where she became Askani.

The list of the Twelve had both Phoenix and Cyclops on it. They decided to help the X-Men in this turning-point battle. In the end, Cyclops apparently perished as he merged with the villain Apocalypse. During this time Phoenix and Psylocke switched powers, with Jean adding Psylocke's shadowy telepathic powers to her own telepathy, while losing her telekinetic powers to Psylocke. Phoenix had to deal with having to rely on her fighting skills to handle enemies who were immune to telepathy, and began manifesting fiery raptor effects as the physical manifestation of her powers.

Later, Prosh would recruit Phoenix along with Mystique, Juggernaut, Iceman, and Toad for a special mission. During this mission, the X-Men would relive key events in their past. Jean would relive her experience as Dark Phoenix in the afterlife as well as learn that Xavier knew all along that she was an Omega-level mutant. Jean would also reawaken the Phoenix Force to talk to and touch Eternity so that she and the others could defeat The Stranger, as shown in X-Men Forever (also, by reconnecting to the Phoenix Force, Jean's lost telekinesis was recreated in a new more powerful version, but she could not access it until she fully accepted her role as the Phoenix Force's human avatar). Soon after, Jean learned that Cyclops was alive, so she began a search for her lost husband with her son Cable. They found him and Jean used her newly increased telepathic powers to separate Cyclops from Apocalypse's spirit. Having her husband back gave Jean the strength to accept her role as host of the Phoenix Force, and access the telekinetic powers it had recreated for her.

Marital Problems

A combination of Jean's new duties as headmistress, her re-emerging Phoenix powers and Scott's temporary merger with the evil mutant Apocalypse drove a wedge between the couple. Scott and Jean started to have marital problems; Jean had attempted time and again to rebuild their relationship, but Scott remained constantly distant, refusing to even sleep with her. The one time that Scott did attempt to explain to Jean about his feelings of boredom with his own personality after being possessed by Apocalypse, had been during an attack against Cassandra Nova, and even then he didn't know how to talk to her. Their relationship became further strained when Jean began showing signs of the Phoenix Force, which Cyclops thought would lead to another disaster though he made little effort to aid Jean.

Jean had displayed greater Phoenix powers when the U-Men attacked the school and threatened the children. Later, when Xavier was about to die Jean rescued him by absorbing his mind into her consciousness and then splitting his mind up into the minds of other mutants before putting his mind back together as a part of a plan to defeat Cassandra Nova. Xavier would eventually question Jean about the Phoenix. Her reply was "Jean is only the house where I live, Charles. I am born in blood and flame and sacrifice and return always coming back." Xavier had also tested Jean's telekinesis (which, unknown to Professor X, had been recreated by the Phoenix Force to replace her lost telekinetic powers) and found that her powers were expanding into her environment and he told her "telekinetic sensitivity this extreme is known as the manifestation of the Phoenix." After Phoenix and Charles set up the X-Corps, an Araki of the Shi'ar warns Xavier of the upcoming judgment of the Phoenix and that "the Phoenix has hatched and she is merciless". The Shi'ar vowed not to return to earth until the "disinfection period is over". This would be a prelude to the Shi'ar's decision to destroy the entire Grey Family line in later time.

Scott eventually turned to Emma Frost to talk. Emma easily seduced Cyclops and began to have a psychic affair with him, by ironically taking on the telepathic apperance of the Dark Phoenix. When Phoenix walked in on the two in bed, a psychic battle erupted between the two telepaths with Phoenix using the full extent of her powers on Emma. Phoenix also tells Emma that "the fire of the Phoenix burns through lies, you understand? The gaze of the Phoenix is like an X-Ray tearing through all self deceptions."

Cyclops attempted to justify his actions, by stating that a telepathic affair was not as bad since it was "only thoughts", despite the fact that telepaths can make thoughts feel as true as the real thing. In the end however, Cyclops ran out on both Phoenix and the X-Men for a short while, only to end up aiding Wolverine on a personal mission. Cyclops later rejoined the team to help them fight Xorn, in the guise of Magneto. Xorn/Magneto had sent Wolverine and Phoenix to his Asteroid M base, which he rigged to travel on a crash course with the sun. Phoenix confided in Wolverine that the Phoenix burns through that which doesn't work. As they are about to die, Wolverine reluctantly stabbed Phoenix so she would not have to die in the intense solar heat. However, seconds before they were to collide with the sun however, the Phoenix Force fully manifested within Jean and she saved them both, wearing a fiery version of her Dark Phoenix uniform.

Once Wolverine finishes healing, Phoenix tells him that by killing her, he helped her release the "Phoenix Consciousness", then Phoenix uses her powers to rearrange the molecules of the asteroid to form a crystal bird-shaped space ship and they head back to Earth to help the others. In the storyline Planet X, Xorn mortally injured Phoenix by transferring a large amount of electro-magnetic energy to her brain, inducing a planetary-scale stroke. As Phoenix died in Scott's arms, she told him to live. The end of the story flashes forward 150 years and shows a Phoenix Egg on the Moon.


The Shi'ar resurrected the Phoenix Force prematurely in hopes of destroying it while it was relatively weak. The reconstituted Phoenix Force realizes that it's in a billion pieces and something is missing. The Shi'ar referenced Jean Grey as the Phoenix's Heart and a part of its very Self and hoped to kill her for good. The entity managed to escape and fled to Earth, where it needed a host to sustain itself. After possessing a firefly and running into Wolverine, the entity resurrected Jean and bonded with her once more. The last thing they knew they were One in the White Hot Room about to enter the Crown and waiting to "incubate and be reborn anew" before all this happened. Jean knew something was wrong and this was not the way.

Jean realized that the Phoenix Force was resurrected too early and as a result, was mentally unbalanced. She had a confrontation with the X-Men before teleporting Wolverine to the North Pole where she had him stab her several times, leaving the Phoenix weakened and allowing her to once again gain control. When Wolverine questioned her whether she was Jean or the Phoenix, Jean responded "I am always Jean and always the Phoenix". Jean says that she was scattered in a trillion directions and that she is "out of balance and must try again". Jean then plunged herself through the ice, freezing instantly. When the X-Men arrived, Wolverine told them that "Jean is dead. Or as close as she can get." When the Phoenix Force returned from the ice, she possessed Emma Frost as the new love to Scott Summers' life. Jean tells Scott that she is his wife and that he dreamed of her in the orphanage and will reach for her hand the day he dies. Emma, however, was unable to control or contain the Phoenix Force at all, as she was not an Omega-level mutant and it consumed her. Emma was being used as a shell and would eventually burn out. As the Phoenix Force prepared to destroy the world, Scott, left with no other choice, fired his optic blasts at the ice encasing Jean. She immediately rose out of the ice into the sky.

The revived Jean psychically assaulted the Phoenix possessed Emma, forcing her to the ground. The Phoenix Force shocked at this exclaims "Jean Grey, how are you doing that, without me... without my power?". Jean responds "I am you. Don't you remember?" Jean then exorcised the Phoenix Force out of Emma, telling the Phoenix Force she'll understand everything once all their pieces are together in the White Hot Room. The Phoenix Force admits "Because you and I are One." Essentially, Endsong declared that Jean Grey is the original Phoenix, as Jean told Wolverine, "I'm always Jean and I'm always Phoenix". This is also confirmed as Jean's Omega-level mutation makes her the closest thing the Force has to a real body.

After Jean once again bonded with the Phoenix Force, the X-Men discovered the true reason for her return: she felt alone and unloved. Emma called out telepathically to her Stepford Cuckoos and focused the empathic impressions of all Jean's dearest friends. She felt their love for her and this allowed Jean and the Phoenix Force to achieve a perfect balance between them and once again she became the "White Phoenix of the Crown" in the white/silver and gold Phoenix costume before returning to the White Hot Room. Parting from Scott, she asked one last request before leaving: to see his eyes. She is currently within the White Hot Room in the process of restoring herself and the Phoenix Force to full strength, however it appears that part of the Phoenix may reside within one or more of the Stepford Cukoos.

Powers & Abilities

Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant and is the physical avatar of the godlike Phoenix Force. Jean Grey's dual psionic potential gives her the mutant gifts of telekinesis (the power to affect objects with one's mind) and telepathy (the power to read, project and manipulate thought). Her telekinetic ability can be manifested in many ways, some of which include levitating herself or other persons or projecting a telekinetic shield capable of withstanding missile blasts. By focusing her mental energy at a specific target, she can release devastating force blasts. Her telepathy allows her to read the thoughts of others, project her thoughts into the minds of others to influence decisions, manipulate or change memories, place one under her telepathic command, cast her mind into the astral plane or fire stunning "mental bolts" capable of knocking out or turning someone brain-dead. Jean is also one of the few telepaths skilled enough to communicate with animals (but mainly animals with high intelligence, such as dolphins, dogs, and ravens). When Phoenix absorbed the specialized telepathic powers of fellow X-Man Psylocke, her own telepathy was increased to the level where she could physically manifest her telepathy as a psionic firebird; whose claws could inflict both physical and mental damage. Phoenix also learned that by using her amplified telepathy to increase the speed of neural signals in the brain, she could increase another mutant's powers to incredible levels, but the effect was only temporary. She also briefly developed a psychic shadow form like Psylocke had, but instead of a red tattoo over her right eye, Jean had a gold Phoenix emblem. Phoenix is considered to be one of the Earth's most powerful telepathic minds, rivaling Professor X. Phoenix can also (though she never did this) revive, absorb, rechannel and preserve any kind of lifeform. Other hosts of the Phoenix force in other alternate universes have been using that power throughout the comics, since the Phoenix is the sum of all lifeforce.

Jean's Phoenix Force powers manifested later and significantly boosted her mental abilities allowing her to rearrange matter at a molecular level, to fly un-aided through space, create intense heat and thermal energy by stimulating molecular activity, manipulate the voluntary and involuntary responses in the human body. She manifested a "telekinetic sensitivity"; that let her feel the texture of objects she had a telekinetic hold on, feel when other objects came into contact with them and probe them at a molecular level to identify alien materials or feel when two things she "held" were similarly composed. In addition to this, when the power of the Phoenix force is engaged, she is surrounded in a flame-like energy corona that takes the form of a large bird of fire.

Later, Jean learned that not only was she the physical embodiment of the Phoenix Force, but she was the "White Phoenix of the Crown" and as such, had the power to control entire timelines and travel to other dimensions by creating portals between realities. Also, it was revealed that Phoenix's mind resonates across the multiverse, and may be a nexus of realities.

Because she is the Phoenix, Jean will resurrect herself after death. Sometimes she resurrects almost immediately; while other times she stays an extended period in the White Hot Room to do "Phoenix Work" (affecting timelines, repairing realities, etc). She can resurrect later within a new body formed from a Phoenix Egg/cocoon.

Mun's Note/Disclaimer I don't own Jean Grey or the Phoenix Force in any way shape or form. This is an RP journal for entertainment purposes only.

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